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Why choose to give through our Community Foundation?

It's easy.
  • You contribute to one organization that distributes your gift to the charities and issues you care about.
It enhances your joy of giving.
  • You gain the satisfaction of knowing your contributions are effective and create positive change. We assess the effectiveness of your grant, research giving options, and discuss opportunities with you for the most beneficial results.
It results in the gift that keeps on giving.
  • You enjoy the security of knowing the fund you establish as an endowment will benefit your favorite charities, interests, or your community now and in the future. Assets are invested to generate an ongoing source of income year after year so your legacy will last forever. The foundation is a permanent part of our community and your contributions always will be used in the public interest with your intent in mind.
It gives you control.
  • You choose whether your gift will benefit a specific nonprofit organization, several organizations, a particular interest, or the community's most pressing needs. You even have the option of selecting different nonprofit organizations each year throughout your lifetime.
  • You select the name of the fund you establish. Grants awarded in the name of the fund will provide lasting recognition of your concern for your community; or, you can remain completely anonymous.
  • You can distribute gifts throughout your lifetime or leave a lasting legacy, or both.
It gives you direction.
  • You work with us directly to make your giving easy and effective.
  • You learn the current issues and problems facing our ever-changing community through our contact with nonprofit organizations and community leaders. We identify needs and opportunities in Dickinson County, and explain how you can make an impact with your giving through grants targeted where they will do the most good.
  • You receive a full range of personalized donor services from our staff members while maintaining confidentiality. We are especially skilled in problem solving complex gift situations.
  • You rest assured should your original charity cease to exist or change its mission so that it differs from yours, we can help you redirect your funds to an organization providing services similar to your original intent.
It offers flexibility.
  • You have the option of donating a variety of assets such as cash and appreciated stocks. Unique assets such as real estate, collectibles, livestock, or grain are considered on a case by case basis.
  • You have the option of donating now or in the future as part of your estate plans.
It is professionally managed and fiscally responsible.
  • You benefit as all funds are pooled for investment purposes and managed by well- recognized financial professionals in our community to ensure safe, sound growth. The committee meets regularly to set investment objectives, monitor performance, and take corrective action if necessary to ensure high performance. The foundation is publicly accountable; therefore, an independent audit, tax returns, public disclosure of all grant activities, and careful selection of board members and personnel assure the continued proper use of funds.
It's economical.
  • You take advantage of maximum federal and state tax benefits for income, gift and estate tax purposes.
  • You receive a tailored gift plan that meets your particular needs without the expense of a private foundation. You save because only moderate administrative fees are charged.
If you have questions about the benefits of a community foundation or the foundation in general, please click here to contact us or phone 785.263.1863.