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Types of Funds To Choose From

With several types of funds offered, the Community Foundation is about choices. You can choose to establish your own fund to support your favorite organization, provide funding to several nonprofits, finance a special cause or interest, or take advantage of our knowledgeable experts to address our community's changing needs. You can choose to contribute to a number of funds already established with the Community Foundation. Or, you can choose to do both.

Funds you establish:

  • Designated Fund
    1. You choose a specific nonprofit organization or charity - such as your church, a historical society, a cancer fund, or a youth organization - to be the recipient of your annual grant dollars.
      An added plus: Should your original charity cease to exist, our Board of Directors will redirect the funds to an organization providing similar services, avoiding expensive legal fees.

  • Donor Advised Fund
    1. You choose to participate in the grant-making process by recommending charitable projects or organizations you wish to fund annually, allowing you to support different causes at different times. The Community Foundation, however, is legally responsible for approving all gifts.
      An added plus - You avoid the administrative responsibilities and costs of a private foundation.

  • Field Of Interest Fund
    1. You choose to support a special interest or cause you care about - such as the arts, education, recreational activities for youth, or animal welfare - rather than a specific organization.
      An added plus - The Foundation's experts advise you on specific needs in the community in your field of interest and then make grant decisions based on your input.

  • Unrestricted Fund:
    1. You choose to focus your fund on the changing needs of our community by allowing the Community Foundation's experts to evaluate and address a broad range of issues affecting our community's well-being.

  • Scholarship Fund:
    1. You choose to turn dreams of higher education into reality for deserving students through the establishment of a scholarship in your name, the name of a loved one, or a group, such as your high school classmates or your service organization. You can choose to create a general scholarship or set special criteria.
      An added plus - You can be actively involved in selecting the recipient of the scholarship, or you can name an advisory committee to do so.
Funds already established you can contribute to:
  • Organization Endowment Funds
    1. You choose to contribute to a designated fund already established by a nonprofit organization wanting to build an endowment.

  • Unrestricted Funds
    1. You choose to contribute to the established unrestricted funds for grant making. Unrestricted grant making funds allow the Community Foundation the ability to address the community's most pressing and ever changing needs. Or, you may choose to gift to the unrestricted operating funds of the Community Foundation. As a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Community Foundation uses these fund to support our operating needs. Our staff is available to further explain the different types of funds. If you have questions, please click here to contact us or phone 785.263.1863.