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Your Gifts May Be Matched

Your desire is to have your charitable gifts make the maximum impact possible. Let your support of your charitable giving priorities through our Community Foundation go even farther when your gift leverages matching dollars for the benefit of our community.

All gifts to endowed funds with our Community Foundation will be matched either .50 or .25 per dollar by the Kansas Health Foundation as part of its GROW II initiative. The Kansas Health Foundation is a private philanthropy dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans. Endowed funds are permanent and will benefit the community forever because only the amount earned on the invested dollars will be given through the grant process.

The match rate is 1 for 2 on gifts to the Public Health Fund, the Unrestricted Grant Making Fund, and the Operating Fund of the Community Foundation. The match rate is 1 for 4 on gifts to both family and corporate Advised Funds, Agency/Organizational Funds, and Designated Funds.

All matching funds given by the Kansas Health Foundation will be placed in equal amounts in the Public Health Fund and the Operating Endowment of the Community Foundation Fund. The newly created Public Health Fund will provide funding to address matters of public health, much like the Children's Health and Well-being Endowment Fund that has benefited our county since 2004. The Children's Health and Well-being Fund was created by a prior matching initiative and now has a market value of over one million dollars. The Operating Endowment Fund supports our Community Foundation's overhead and operating expenses.

No matter what size, your gift to any endowment will make a huge impact through the matching funds program.

To see a list of Organizations and Agencies with Endowed Funds, click here.

For more information on matching funding, please click here to contact us or phone 785.263.1863.