Assisting Advisors

The Community of Dickinson County works closely with attorneys, financial advisors, trust officers, and other professional advisors to ensure that your clients can best accomplish their charitable and tax-planning goals.  

Here are some reasons why the Community Foundation of Dickinson County makes an ideal partner for assisting your clients’ charitable giving.

  • You remain in control of your client relationships while partnering with your local expert on philanthropy that helps you provide a full range of services to your client.
  • CFDC provides the maximum federal and state tax benefit, we tailor giving plans to meet your clients’ needs, and provide a more simplified and cost effective alternative to a private foundation.
  • CFDC has a deep knowledge about our county and area communities and can help your clients be more effective in their giving.
  • Your clients’ can donate a variety of assets, from cash to farmland. Assets can be given now or later as part of their estate planning.
  • You can stay connected with your clients across generations by helping them establish and maintain a charitable legacy for their children and grandchildren through a foundation fund.

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