Impacting Our Community

The Community Foundation of Dickinson County seeks to support organizations capable of making a significant impact in Dickinson County. CFDC partners with local nonprofit organizations that contribute so much to our quality of life by providing them financial and operational support.

Fundraising is hard. Some nonprofits struggle to make their operational budget, let alone try to save for the future. Donate Dickinson County Day was established in 2018 to help nonprofits grow their endowed funds, which assists sustainability. 

The Foundation has held two Donate Dickinson County Days (2019 & 2020) which raised over $400K for area nonprofits endowed funds.

We look for donors each year who would be willing to be our "Match Donor." If this interests you, please contact the Community Foundation at 785.263.1863 and watch your Donation Double!

Donate Dickinson County Day where your dollars double to make a difference. 


Donate Dickinson County Website: