Types of Funds

Donor Advised Funds:
By selecting a Donor Advised Fund, you choose a specific nonprofit organization or charity to support - such as your church, a historical society, a cancer fund, or a youth organization – they will be the recipient of your annual grant dollars.  For many, a Donor Advised Fund serves as their family foundation.

Designated Funds:
By establishing a Designated Fund, you participate in the grant-making process by recommending charitable projects or specific organizations you wish to fund annually, allowing you to support different causes at different times.  By endowing a Designated Fund, you provide a permanent source of support for your preferred nonprofit which achieves long-term sustainability.

Community Foundation Memorial Fund:
This fund is established as an unrestricted fund providing grants to nonprofits in our county. These funds are an extremely valuable resource allowing the Community Foundation to respond to the ever-changing needs throughout our County. 

Organizational Funds:
By establishing an Organizational fund, you help and support individual nonprofits to become sustainable.

Field of Interest Funds:
Is there is an area of interest that you care about and is dear to your heart, such as arts and culture, children and family, the environment or other issues, by establishing a Field of Interest Fund, you can design your fund to provide grants to advance your favorite cause, rather than a specific organization.

Scholarship Funds:
Scholarship funding turns dreams of higher education into reality for deserving students through establishing a scholarship in your name, the name of a loved one, or a group, such as your high school graduating class. You set the requirement criteria.