About Us

The Community Foundation of Dickinson County, Inc. was established in 1999 by a group of civic-minded individuals who cherished their community and wanted to ensure future generations experience the same quality of living they had received in Dickinson County. These visionaries secured the future of the Foundation by establishing an Endowed Founder’s Fund.  

Since the original investment of $250K, the Foundation has grown to over 200 Funds and over $15M in assets! Area non-profits, schools, local governing entities, and students have benefited by receiving over $7M in grants and scholarships!

We offer a grateful THANK YOU to those individuals and businesses who established a solid and firm FOUNDATION.

The Community Foundation continues its mission:  to connect donors with their charitable giving priorities, serve as a resource for local non-profits organizations, and provide leadership to the communities.

The Community Foundation of Dickinson County…For good. For ever!

Foundation Staff:


Elizabeth Weese
Executive Director

Veronica Murry
Administrative Assistant



Board of Directors

Richard Carlson, President; Ray Wyatt, Vice President; Brenda Holm, Secretary; David Rempe, Treasurer; Richard Campbell,Craig Chamberlin,Dan Cook,Randy Gassman,Tony Geiger,Tim Johnson,A.J. Jones, Bryce Koehn,Doug Lindahl, Anita Miller,Marsha Weaver